Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you have expired coupons???


Just wondering if you had expired coupons that you would like to trash?  Well I just have found this out but send them overseas to our troops. :)
Here's the first link:
Overseas Couponing

I wish I didn't take my expired coupons to the recycle center today.  :(  The only bad thing is (100% my opinion) you have to pay the postage. They prefer you to mail them through the USPS $4.99 box, but if I were going to be generous to send them I would send them for as cheap as possible due to I am not rich and sometimes $4.99 is a lot of money!!! You're not supposed to send coupons that are expired by more than one month.  Meaning if your coupons that you're sending expired on 1.31.10 you would need them to be in the mail on there way before Feb. 28 :)  Something else that I just learned is they would like for you to separate them into two categories 1.) Food 2.) Non-Food (cat food, dog food, shampoo etc.)

Here's the second link:
Another Link to Overseas Coupon (explained)

  • Please note the first link Overseas Couponing is where you sign up.
  •   The second link Another Link to Overseas Coupon (explained) is not where you sign up!!!

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