Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dollar General and Family Dollar Coupons

Good Evening,

I would like to share that there are two coupons floating around to two different stores!

The first one is Family Dollar.  If you have the current ad you can see the coupon on the front page!  The coupon is good from 11.29.10 - until 12.07.10 (Coupon excludes prepaid air time, gift cards, cell phones, and beer where applicable.)

I got a Dollar General e-mail and then this was posted on facebook. 
SPECIAL OFFER: Get $5 OFF a purchase of $25 or more this Saturday only. Use this link to get the coupon. 

$5 off of $25 (DOLLAR GENERAL)

*Things I don't recommend purchasing at a Dollar store is WASHING POWDERS!  I am sure that there are more things I wouldn't purchase at a Dollar Store but that is what comes to mind first.  

I would have shared this with you sooner if I had felt like it early this morning but you're getting it now.  

I hope this helps.
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