Monday, January 17, 2011

How do you "Roll" your rewards?

People have been asking what do you mean "Roll?"  How does "Rolling" your rewards help you save?

The first thing that people need to have is a sale ad or flyer from the store of their choice.  But please keep in mind you can only "Roll" your rewards, ECBS, and RR.  At Wags -RR, CVS- ECB, and Rite Aid - UpRewards.  

For today I am only going to talk about Rite Aid.  Since I have one in my area and just about 15 minutes from where I live. 

You'll need to look at your ad/flyer and make up Transactions according to your coupons!  For example last week Rite Aid had Stayfree, Carefree, and O.B. Tampons onsale for 2/$5.00 If you purchased two you got a 2  UpReward good for your next purchase.  Here's the photo to see what I am talking about just in case I lost you.  :)

We also had B1G1F coupons and save $1.00 off of one.  :)  
So they paid us $2.00 to purchase the Stayfree.  Then we are going to use the UpRewards and "Roll Them" right then for our next purchase.  Here's a photo of the two UpRewards we got. 

The following transaction is just a scenario I didn't actually try to do this one but I'm trying to let you know how do you "roll" your rewards?

Made Up Transaction 1:

Okay...  You see above we have a total of $4.00 in store money right?  Well Rite Aid had Tylenol  Precise Heat Products onsale for $5.00 each and you get a $3.00 UpReward when purchased.  Photo below to show you what I am talking about. 

 1st- You go and see if they have any instock to purchase.  If so you grab just 1 off of the shelf.  Since I didn't have any manufacture coupons to go with this one I will have to pay with my UpRewards and that's where it's called Rolling them.

 Alright are you still with me?  

JJ should ask for your store Wellness card first!

**If you don't have a Wellness card sign up and get one THEY ARE FREE.  You will not be able to get the sale item without one.  You will have to pay the price on the shelf. **

Jane J. or (JJ) is starting to check you out your total is...  You hand her the $4.00 in UpRewards and you should pay $1.07 and get back another $3.00 UpReward.  They just paid you again this time $1.93 to take that particular product off of their shelf.  And remember you still have $3.00 to make a 2nd transaction.

**I'm not sure about this one but you could try it and it should work!  

Made up Transaction 2: (This will be the last transaction for today.) 

Rite Aid has Motrin PM on sale for $3.00 and get back a $2.00 up Reward. :)
This is what you do.  You roll the UpRewards from Made Up Transaction 1.  Remember you exactly $3.00 in UpRewards?  You don't have any manufacture coupons to go with this purchase either. You forgot to purchase your newspaper before you went shopping.

Well JJ is checking you out again.  She should ask do you have a Wellness card?  You hand your card to her for she can scan it.  She scans your Motrin PMs and it's $3.21 you hand her the $3.00 in UpRewards all you have to pay is .21 Cents and get back $2.00 UpReward to go shopping again.  They paid you AGAIN  to purchase those Motrin's :).

It's that easy and since you kind of know how to Roll it's the same way at Wags and CVS.  Tomorrow and Wednesday I am planning on typing them up.  

Feel free to ask your questions.  I would love to hear them.  Just send me an e-mail at 

That's all for this post.  I hope you're not confused CVS or Wags coming Tues. and Wed. Hope you enjoy your Martin Luther King day.

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