Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wags (Walgreens) 01.09.11-01.15.11


No nonsense Basic Knee Highs  25¢
Limit 6!

Lysol Soap dispenser 
$11.99 - $7.00 RR= $4.99
I've never seen the $3.00 coupon everyone is talking about here in GA!!!

SunKist 12 package of Soda
4/$11.00 or $2.75 each 

Coke 12 pack 
or $3.33

Spam $1.99 12oz

Hellmann's Mayo 22oz or 30oz $2.99

Wrigley's 3pk gum 2/$3.00 (Same price as CVS)

Lysol B1G1F (must purchase two one rings up whatever the price is lets just say $6.99 the other one rings up ZERO DOLLARS, ZERO CENTS!) 
Lysol coupon on a peely (a coupon already on the product.) 
I have 2 $1.00 off any Lysol so the final price varies.

In - Ad Coupon
Joy/Gain 99¢

Glad/Renzuit 99¢ - In-Ad Coupon

All Style T-shirt $1.00

Colgate $1.00 4.6oz
Toothbrush Extra Care $1.00

Jergens 8pk soap $1.99 In-Ad Coupon = 25¢ per bar I say that's a pretty good deal.

Treseme Hair Care Products 3/$10.00

Reach In-Ad coupon $2.00 off

Wags Cough Drops 2/$1.00 Limit 2 In-Ad Coupon

These are a few good deals for you.  I don't see anything typed in RED for free so I guess you disappointed in that sense.  But I hope this helps you maybe?

Coupons Are True Blessings Blog Team  
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