Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have you missed me?

Hello Fans and Daily Readers,

Yesterday I was not blogging.  :(  I was preparing myself at the library for the SAT among other things.  I didn't get home until late and it was 11pm before I knew it.  I am still behind.  Today I spent my day tackling my TDL.  Washing Dishes, Clothes, Cleaning/Sanitizing the house etc.  

About a year ago our Washing machine had to be replaced due to it was a Kenmore 70 series.  Our new washing machine hasn't been cooperating too well.  I now have to spin the water out 2 time then dry them.  I didn't do an extra spin; to spin the water out of the Wash Clothes and Towels today and man it took them like 2 hours to dry.  Someone suggested I was over loading the washing machine.  I only washed 8 bath towels, 3 Kitchen Towels, and 8 wash clothes etc.  The machine wasn't even 1/2 full.  Oh well.  We'll see what's wrong with it eventually.  The pipe could be clogged up.  I hope things will resume "normal" soon.

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