Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rite Aid 04.16.11 Shopping Trip

Rite Aid didn't go quite as planned went over budget about $7.00- I wasn't prepared that they would have all of my Rainchecks in but they did and that's why I went over budget.

*Like stated on the photo retail value $120.11 

*Paid $11.56

(2) Stayfree
(2) Your Life Multivitamins - Rain Check
(4) Poligrips Denture Adhesive- Rain Check
(2) Air Wick
(2) Tide 40loads - Rain Check
(2) Reese's Eggs
(4) Snickers Egggs
(1) Mouth Guard- Rain Check
(2) Scunci Hair Elastics - Rain Check
(1) Bic Marker 

Total Products: 22

* I could not get two eater egg candy bar and a box of Tide washing powders for $11.56!  So I think to use up all of our rain checks was good!  I didn't walk out of the store but with one rain check instead of 5! :)  And that makes me happy.  

Coupons Are True Blessings

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