Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day Craft

Materials Needed:
Recycled Tissue Paper - From Christmas, Baby Shower's etc. (And no it wasn't in the garbage.)
Ribbon- For Bow 
Hole Puncher 
Wax Paper

Step 1: Cut Tissue Paper Into Strips - I just cut I didn't measure ANYTHING!

Step 2: Then Cut Strips of Tissue Smaller

Step 3: Then Use a pattern of your choice whether it's Mom, Mom #1, etc.
*I don't have anymore photos to show until it's finished

Step 4: Cut it out.

Step 5: Then Use Some Glue And Smear On The Paper that says mom. Use your paintbrush to smooth it out.

Step 6: Now you apply your tissue paper.

Step 7: Lay aside to let dry for about 4 hours

Step 8: Use a Glue Stick an apply Glitter

Step 9: Set aside and let dry for at least 1 hour

Step 10: Measure and cut your wax paper I used 24inches or so.

Step 11:  When everything is 100% dry glue the Mom onto your wax paper.

Step 12: Smear your glue add more glitter onto wax paper

Step 13: Fold your wax paper hamburger style and glue it together

Step 14: When Dry hole Punch in center at top

Step 15: Cut a piece of ribbon - Unfortunately I didn't measure mine

Step 16: Tie a Bow and curl it and You're FINISHED

This is your Finished Product.
This is just upclose and personal.  :) 

Hope you can make an easy Mother's Day Craft.

Mom can hang it on her favorite window etc.

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