Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wal-Mart Shopping Trip 05.14.11= Love New Coupon Policy!

(15) Similac Infant Formula - Priced Matched
(6) Bags of Chips
(2) B1G1F Bundle Lysol Wipes
(2) Suave Professional Mens Hair Care
(2) Loafs Bread 
(1) Degree 
(6) Nivea Body Wash for Men
(1) Nivea Body Wash for Women
(1) Uncle Ben's Rice

Subtotal before coupons $109.36
Subtotal AFTER Coupons $2.14 

Photos Below for you non-believers:

Coupons Used:
(15) $5.00/1 Similac 
(7) $3.00/1 Nivea
(2) FREE Suave Professionals - $2.94 & - $2.94
(1) FREE Coupon FOR Uncle Ben's -  $1.34
(2) $1.50/1 Lysol Wipes
(1) $1.00/1 Degree 
Total: 28 Coupons
*Manager Had To Approve due to I had over $100 in coupons :)

Price Match Savings: $19.20 
Coupons Savings: $107.22 
Percentage Saved: 96%

Need Wal-Mart's Coupon Policy? -----> Click Here <----- 

I can't "stress" enough you NEED to have this policy in your coupon binder every time you visit.  You never know when the cashier will argue or doesn't know the new and improved policy because they haven't taken the time to read it.  I always say study your policy like it's your phone number that way your always right.  But don't be a know it all or arrogant.  If the cashier gives you a hard time just ask to speak with a manager and smile.

Coupons Are True Blessings
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