Friday, July 1, 2011

Synovate is looking for you!!! (If you're interested in joining a survey panel.)

LOL, I see the photo is kind of man and kind of woman.  :)  

The above photo is a snapshot of Synovate Global Opinion Panels.  You could easily be selected to try products. This particular survey panel pays by check!!! It's also has a new "rewards program" it just introduced one day last week.  If you aren't interested in getting a check.  Make sure your mailing address is correct.  If you get chosen to test samples I would hate for them go to the wrong place!

Click Here To Sign Up (It's Free!)

If you're interested you can sign up.  I've heard of lots of people getting to try anything from personal hygiene to food.   Privacy is one of their top priorities!  This is a trusted survey group and they let you know of fraudulent e-mails and scams using their name.

I rarely see "JOIN NOW" so if interested you can try to see if you get accepted or not.  I don't think this will last long.  So go ahead and "JOIN NOW."

Tanesha - @ Coupons Are True Blessings
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