Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Compare and Save (08.28 - 09.03) - FOOD ITEMS

It's always important to compare all ads before shopping.  :)

Deals in blue bold text are the best priced.

Coke Products:

Best Price goes to Kmart at $2.50 each.

Other Food Items:

Store Brand Buns & Loaf Bread

Best Price goes to Aldi - $0.79 for Buns
Both Kroger & Dollar General Loaf Bread - $1

Rotel -

Best Price for Rotel goes to Walmart $0.88
Little Debbies -

Best Prices goes to Big Lots $1.35
Oreo Cookies-

Best Price goes to K-mart $2.38 

Planters -
Best Price goes to Walgreens $1.50

Welch's Jelly-

Best Price for 32oz goes to Walgreens $1.50
Not sure about 22oz Squeezable bottle.

Kraft Mayo -

Best price for Kraft Mayo K-mart $2.50

Domino Sugar -

They are the same price.  No LIMIT at J&J.

Lays Potato Chips -

CapriSun or Jammers -

Best Price goes to K-mart for CapriSun and Kool-Aid Jammers $1.88

Planters Peanuts -
Both are B1G1F, price is not stated.

To Be Continued - Part 2 Tomorrow.

Tanesha - @ Coupons Are True Blessings  
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