Monday, February 20, 2012

Update on Superpoints

What are Superpoints? 

Photo Credit: Superpoints
The Superpoints Network is a collection of sites where you can win and earn Superpoints™ that can be redeemed for great rewards. This site is FREE to join. You are required to have a referral link or code to join.  I have several Superpoints invites if you are interesting in joining.  These are my Superpoints invites/referral link. If you join under me, I will earn whatever you earn spinning the SuperLucky Button.
Step 1:  Sign Up - It's FREE TO JOIN!
Step 2: You will need to confirm your account. (Check your email.)
***Add Superpoints to Safe Contacts.***
Step 3: Complete your profile.  Meaning confirm your account and enter the Basic profile information.  Your goal is to get to "Basic Level" for you can get 30 SuperLucky Spins a day.  *If you choose NOT to do this you will only earn 5 SuperLucky Spins a day.*
Step 4: Look for "Get Points" on the toolbar.

Photo Credit: Superpoints

-Under Get Points you should see "SuperLucky Button" (Photo Below)

Photo Credit: Superpoints

Step 5: Click on the "SuperLucky Button" 

Photo Credit: Superpoints



Step 6: Save your Superpoints an earn rewards.  

Photo Credit: Superpoints

Be sure to LOG IN EVERYDAY and SPIN the SuperLucky Button.  You also could be rewarded for opening Superpoints e-mails. Below is an example of SuperLucky e-mail. 


Step 7: Invite Friends 

 If you spin an win a 50 point referral link it will look like this: (photo below)
 They will need this code - ( - THIS CODE IS EXPIRED!  This is an example of the old 50 point refer a friend.  I haven't won a big refer-a-friend code in a while, when I do I'll let you know.  The big refer-a-friend code is only good for 2 days.

P.S. You are not guaranteed to win, so please don't get discouraged.  It's just a game!!     




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