Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Month + New Coupons = Happy Savings

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It's March 1st, 2012, that means NEW Coupons!  I saw a ton of new and printable coupons on  Print your coupons before they're gone.  *RARE* coupons for Pampers.  I've honestly have never seen any P&G products have printable coupons.  The Coupons on are supposed to be Legit.  I would use with caution just because a cashier could give you a hard time.  Always, Always, Always Remember if the coupon value exceeds the amount of $5 it's probably a counterfeit coupon.  If you want to make sure your coupons are legit, use the veri-fi numbers printed on the coupon.  Click Here

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Happy Savings,

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