Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Printable Coupon Malfunction?

A few  weeks ago, I printed coupons off of Swagbucks. These coupons are powered by Coupons.com.  I had a some time on my hands and I decided to run the Veri-fi numbers.  When I did, I discovered a huge problem.  Not only was the Veri-fi amount wrong, it was the wrong coupon and it started with the wrong bar code.  I had this coupon on my desk for a few days pondering about what to do about it.  I finally contacted Coupons.com INC.  After countless hours of leaving messages and e-mail correspondence, I finally got a call from the Coupons.com director.  I explained to him what happened.  I told him I had never taken the time to run the Veri-fi numbers on my coupons.  The Director assured me that he would get to the bottom of this problem.  He reassured me that the coupon I printed was legitimate.  I still haven't heard what exactly happened but this whole experience has made me really think and learn a few lessons.

1.) If you use printable coupons from coupons.com, please take the time to Veri-fi it's legitimacy.

2.) If there is a problem call and leave them a message  on Coupon.com INC answering machine.

-  Print any coupon(s) you want from Coupons.com

-  Go To http://www.couponsinc.com/crc/index.asp

- Look for this box

Photo Credit: HERE.  Photo edited by Me.

Step 1: Enter the 16 digit numbers in this box:

- Then Click Veri-Fi

 You should see the photo below next.

Step 2 -  Make sure that the UPC codes match.

 Step 3 - The Description - It should say the same thing that printed on the coupon. ($1.00/1 Snuggles)

Step 4 -  Finally the Exp date.  You MUST USE THE COUPON EXP DATE STAMPED IN THE BOX.  Yes, it does say NO Later Than 12/7/2011.   Remember you must use the coupon before it expires.  The store your shopping at will not get reimbursed for this coupon, if you use it expired.

I am not sure if this will influence you on taking the time to veri-fi your coupons or not?  But I highly recommend you to do so.  That way you know IT'S REAL and IT'S A LEGITIMATE COUPON.


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