Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life is LIVABLE Without TV!

Photo Credit HERE - Photo Edited by ME!

I am not sure about you but here at our house we DO NOT HAVE TV!  We DO NOT pay for satellite, cable, nor any internet TV services!  We go to our local library and check out DVDs or VHS videos.  It's FREE as long as you don't go pass due date.  We do NOT watch movies over PG-13.    

Here's a list of our favorite so far:

1.)  Because of Winn - Dixie

2.)  Courageous 

3.) Where The Red Ferns Grow

4.) College Road Trip

5.) Cow Bells 

6.)  Morning Glory 

7.) And More!

If you're interested in checking out DVD or VHS just sign up for a free Library card, in your area.  At my local library I can check out a whopping 50 items at one time!  Library materials are due back within 2 weeks of checkout.  If your DVDs go overdue it's a $0.50 late fee PER ITEM PER DAY.  So be sure to write down when your materials are due.  If you're going out of town be sure the items checked out will not be due, call your library to recheck them or renew them online.  

Did you know you can place a HOLD on your favorite book, DVD, CD, or VHS?  If there's a new book out and it's already checked out, place a hold on it.  You are put on a waiting list which is always first come first serve bases.   When it's in the library will notify you by phone or e-mail, it's that simple.  If the library doesn't have the new book or DVD you can request them to put it on there wishlist.   

Can you live without TV?  My answer is YES, Life is livable without TV!

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