Thursday, May 31, 2012

National Consumer Panel Is Now Recruiting New Members

Are you a member of the Nation Consumer Panel?  If you are not, here's your chance to sign up.  It's free!  I've been a member for approximately eight months.  I have earned a $25 iTunes gift card.  Everyone will not get accepted, if the NCP isn't recruiting in your area keep trying!  

What is the NCP? You will receive a scanner to scan EVERYTHING you purchase.  I record my grocery trips, clothing purchases, and many other purchases.  

How will I be awarded?  

Sign-Up Points - When you become an active household and receive your equipment, you automatically receive 1,000 sign-up gift points.

Weekly Points - Each week you provide us with your shopping data, you receive gift points.       

Time on Panel
Points per Weekly 
0 - 6 months
7 - 12 months
1 year up to 2 years
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
6+ years

Anniversary Points - We give you a bonus gift when you reach your three-month, six-month, and one-year anniversaries!  These extra gift points are also given on each anniversary after your one-year anniversary.   

Super Scanner Points - To qualify, you must record your purchase and/ or survey information every week in a month.

Super Scanners are awarded 350 additional gift points every month they qualify.  That's up to 4,200 additional gift points each year!

Surveys - You can earn additional gift points by answering NCP surveys.  You may receive surveys via regular mail, e-mail, or on your surveys page at     You also could qualify for a special survey panel.  Everyone's surveys will be different.  

Gift Points Balance - You can view your current gift points balance anytime at As long as you're an actively participating panelist, you'll earn points.  

Redeeming Points For Gifts - NCP gift information is included in your box and is also available at  Before placing your gift order, please make sure you have enough points for the gifts you're ordering.  Gift points expire 60 days after panel membership ends. 

NCP also has Panel Sweepstakes Program - This can differ from month to month.

If you are interested in JOINING CLICK HERE.


Disclosure:  I was NOT compensated for this post in anyway.  I like to educate people on free websites to earn various forms of compensation like gift cards etc.  You are basically earning points for your time.  All information came out of the Panel Member Instruction Manual.  My referral link is embedded in this post.  I will receive a small amount of referral points if you use my referral link. Everyone's experience will differ.  My experience has been bumpy.  It's your choice to join or not.  NCP can be time consuming until you get the hang of it!  Good Luck and thanks for joining using my referral link! 

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