Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reminder: Rite Aid IS NOT HONORING St. Joseph's Rebate

I just wanted to remind everyone that Rite Aid WILL NOT BE HONORING the St. Joseph's Single Check Rebate.  I called Rite Aid Monday, July 23rd, 2012, that morning and spoke with two different people.  The gentle man I spoke with first said, "Oh this must be a misprint.  Let me transfer you to the rebate department."  The young lady I spoke with said, "No, you are supposed to see the rebate booklet.  This is not a misprint and WE WILL NOT HONOR THE REBATE."

I called Rite Aid again yesterday (Tuesday, July 24th, 2012), and I spoke with a lady that said, "I have no idea but we probably will not honor this rebate."  Then I was transferred back to the Single Check Rebate Department.  I spoke with Miss. R. and she said," For me to look at the ad."  Did I see where it states, "$2 Single Check Rebate Available."  Then she goes on to say," Look at the fine print where it says See in-store Single Check Rebates Directory for details." 

The $2 REBATE is only good for "St. Joseph Purchase One (1): Enteric Tablets 300ct.  Limit ONE (1) $2.00 Rebate."*

I did tell Miss R. that this was misleading customers.  I also asked her What if an elderly lady saw this and didn't have internet?  She fills out the form mails it in. Not only would she be wasting her time and effort, what about the envelope and stamp?  Miss R. did apologized she didn't understand why it was stamped in the ad. She finally agreed that it was misleading!    

So, Please don't waste your time filling this rebate out!  Unless you purchase the 300ct.  

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