Saturday, September 15, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Reader Shopping Trip & Questionnaire

I am always doing a lot of behind the scene activites that readers don't get to see.  A few weeks ago, a reader name Gretchen e-mailed me asking how to coupon.  I proceeded to explain the "how to" concerning couponing.  Gretchen informed me she wanted to see couponing in action.  I sat up an appointment to go couponing shopping.  Yes, on a whim, and as a one time experience, I agreed to do a shopping experience with a reader.  For privacy purposes I did NOT take a camera or video recorder.  We met at a local Rite Aid and Walmart.  Here is a questionnaire I asked her to complete about our shopping trip.  

1.)  What did you learn while you went shopping?

I learned that I can do this couponing and I can save money.  

2.)  Was it as difficult to price comp at Walmart as you thought it would be?

It was not as difficult as I thought it would be to price comp at Walmart.  The cashier was very helpful, patient, and understanding as I checked out.  

3.) Do you have any suggestions on being organized? 

I suggest that couponers use the Grocery Store Template so they can list the items to price match.  You can find the Grocery Store Template HERE.      The Grocery Store Template should have a space to list the price, size, quantity, the store it's on sale, etc.  This Grocery Store Template has everything listed to make the process go more smoothly.

4.)  Do you use coupons in other areas of your life?      

Yes, I sure do.  I use coupons for "everything" that I can.  I use coupons for Six Flags, Braves Games, Restaurants, Over The Counter Medicine, and more.  

5.)  How do you prefer to shop?  Do you like to shop with other adults, children, or alone?

 I prefer to shop with at least one other adult.  At checkout, you need one to help put the bags into the grocery cart, as you put the items on the check out belt, and talk with the cashier.

6.)  Do you like going to each individual store or a one- stop -shop?        

I prefer to do a one-stop-shop instead of going to each individual store.

7.)  How many newspapers do you purchase each week?

I am currently purchasing two newspapers each week.  When I learn more, I may purchase more newspapers.

8.) Do you prefer printable coupons or coupons out of the newspaper?

I prefer coupons from newspaper inserts, however, I like printing coupons too.  I just need and want more coupons.

9.)  Do you have any comments or suggestions you would like to make about our couponing shopping trip?

I learned a lot on our shopping trip even though I was a little confused and nervous at first.  Then as it made more sense to me, I was able to relax and learn how to compare prices, brands, sizes, etc.  I want to learn more on the best way to shop at Rite Aid and get lots of +Ups rewards.  I think it's neat to shop and earn rewards to pay for the next purchase.  I need to practice and learn more!  

10.)  Are you still coupon shopping and price comping?  

I have been hindered with couponing and price comping due to home schooling.  I am still buying the Sunday newspaper, collecting coupons, and comparing sales ads.  I do plan to get back into coupon shopping  full force  very soon!           

I would like to thank Gretchen for taking the time to complete this follow up questionnaire. 

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