Friday, September 7, 2012

My Rite Aid Experience - Load 2 Card

Greetings Fellow Coupons Are True Blessings' Fans,

I wanted to share with you my Rite Aid experience.  I went to Rite Aid rather nervous due to the Load 2 Card program.  My experience went okay.  I was able to "Opt-Out" of Load 2 Card program at the register and didn't have any problems.  

Why did I choose to "Opt-Out" of the Load 2 Card program?  I like to be in control of my +Up rewards.  I also like to use the +Up reward(s) I have in a way I see fit.  If I have them printed on my receipt I am more likely to use them before they expire.  I can use my +Ups on whatever I wish.  Where as if I chose Load 2 Card, I would definitely forget about them.  

The real problem is I am a "roller."  Meaning I make multiple transactions in the same day and "roll" my +Ups for the least out of pocket.  Since September 2nd, 2012, You can't "roll" anymore.  You have to wait until 6am the next morning for your +Ups to be "activated."  For me Rite Aid will definitely lose some of my business.  I honestly don't have time or gas to waste to visit Rite Aid everyday.  I feel for all the couponers who did "roll" because this program will end up loosing some of our business/sales.  I honestly don't know if Rite Aid thought about this Load 2 Card program on a couponers perspective?  I had a $5 - $10 weekly out of pocket budget for Rite Aid.  With the new Load 2 Card program I will probably skip Rite Aid and let Walmart price match.

All in all I am okay with Rite Aid's Load 2 Card program.  I feel like Rite Aid could improve load 2 card program.  I will personally not shop there as much.  Did you "Opt-Out" of the Load 2 Card program?  Feel free to comment and let me know how your experience went.

Disclaimer - I was not paid for this post.  All opinions are my own.  This is my own personal experience.  

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