Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Limiting Walmart Shopping

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A few weeks ago, I forgot to use a coupon while shopping at Walmart.  I had my receipt and went to the customer service desk and asked for my coupon to be reimbursed.  Because I priced matched a Publix Buy One Get One Free (B1G1F) sale the customer service cashier refused my coupon.  My coupon was $1/2 of the item.  The Customer service manager said, "That I would have to purchase four (4)of the items in order to use my coupon."

For example, If Kraft Mayo is B1G1F at Publix and you have a $1/2 Kraft Mayo according to Margaret the Customer Service manager you would have to purchase four (4) mayo's.  To be able to use your $1/2 coupon.  Then Walmart continues to refuse my coupons.  

A while back Publix did have the Kraft Mayo B1G1F to price match. Since I am a member of Kraft first taste I was able to log-in my account and printed two (2) $2/1 Kraft Mayo coupon.  I placed my four mayo's on the belt the cashier ringing them up B1G1F price match.  Then I proceed to hand her my (4) - $2/1 coupons. (Mrs. Frugal has a Kraft first taste account also. She printed two (2) $2/1 Kraft Mayo.) The cashier said, "She could only take two coupon but she couldn't take all four (4) coupons."  Then Miranda another Customer Service Manager said, "In order for you to use all four (4) coupons you'll  need to purchase eight (8) mayo's."  I tried to explain that you don't have to purchase eight items at Publix to use your coupons.

Rite Aid had Buy Two Get One Free (B2G1F) sale on three Musketeer's, I was trying to price match.  I had a coupon to pair with that sale which was a Buy Two Get One Free (B2G1F) I printed off of coupons.com.   The same Customer Service manager, Margaret said, "In order for you to do this deal you will need to purchase TWELVE (12) Three Musketeer's."  I was not going to purchase TWELVE Musketeer's to use ONE (B2G1F) coupon.    

I asked, I don't know how many times to see this in their coupon policy.  The coupon policy was never presented and no one ever attempted to get a coupon policy.  I called my local store manager which was very rude and hateful.  He said, "Ma'am if we had a printed coupon policy it would be a book so big we can't get through it all."  Just an excuse.  That is why I will be limiting my Walmart Shopping.  Walmart is now a HAVE TO HAVE stop. Otherwise, I'm going to shop where my coupons are accepted and I don't have to purchase eight (8) items to use four (4) coupons.  I used to like the conveniences of a one stop shop.  I never liked that Walmart didn't double coupons.  Since these changes have come I will go store to store to get the best deal.     

I did go to Publix and purchase (4) Kraft Mayo's B1G1F and (2) Pace Salsa B1G1F. I used (4) $2/1 Kraft Mayo coupons and (1) $0.50/2 Pace Salsa.  I paid $3.05 OOP which was less than the regular price of the Mayo at $4.63. (CLICK HERE to view that Shopping Trip.)  Publix did NOT give me a hard time accepting my coupons and they didn't tell me I HAVE to purchase eight (8) to use my coupons.  


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**I was not paid for this post.  These are actual events that occurred and took place.  I felt like I should share with my readers why I haven't been shopping at Walmart as often.    

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