Thursday, January 31, 2013

Uplifting Video - Mark Condon - I Still Believe

I chose I Still Believe written by Mark Condon as this weeks Uplifting Music Video.  I really don't know about you but I can relate to this song.  God has never failed me!!  In fact He has always been there.  You may not can see God but He is always there.  :)


Vs. I
I don’t comprehend all that I have been through
And I don’t pretend to have answers for you
Yet through it all I can say
My God is faithful
Sometimes my nights seem like they’ll never end
Like a tide from an ocean that never comes in
Yet I know, the morning will come
And what has been lost shall be won

I still believe
In a God who restores
I believe
That He still opens doors
I believe, In a God
Who is faithful
I believe
In a God who still heals
I believe
In a God who is real
I believe, in a God
Who is faithful

Vs. II
When I prayed and I prayed and my faith seemed to wane
When I cried my last tear and felt crushed by the pain
In a sweet tender way He’s been there
He’s so faithful
When my friends have gone on and I’m still left with grief
When I’m weak and I’m shaking like an insecure leaf
He gives me strength to move on
The courage and faith to be strong

Although some of my prayers
Have not come to pass
And some of my hopes and my dreams
Have been dashed
I know that God has a plan
Greater than I understand

God Bless America,

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