Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earn Free Money - Gifthulk

If you like Swagbucks you'll like Gifthulk. Promo Code TE7308  -   These sites are VERY Similar!  GiftHulk will be getting a make over on their site at the end of May.  LIMIT ONE ACCOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD!!!

Here's the homepage (Log-In) Photo Below:

After you join you'll be able to see this page next. Except you should see 3 keys instead of ZERO.  {If I'm not mistaken when you join you should earn 3 keys. }

Click On Keys - It will take you to the "Treasure Box"

Be sure to Click all your keys gone.  When your keys run out it will say this:

Come back tomorrow for more keys or get more Treasure Keys by inviting your friends to GiftHulk!

After logging in under "Earn" Click on Daily Poll Photo Below:

Be sure to add GiftHulk to your email "safe" list.  You'll only get a e-mail every once in a while. They have never sent me spam!  Just look for the "Fountain of Youth" code, it's usually at the end of the e-mail.  Photo Below:

How do I add this code to my account?

Look for "Earn" then you should see "Fountain of Youth" Photo Below:

Then enter the code in the box.

If you are interested in earning more points take 5 seconds and SEARCH.  I won 12 coins for searching a while back.

If you are really serious about earning watch GiftHulk TV.  YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.  (I DO NOT USE THIS OPTION.  THIS WILL BE CHANGING NEXT MONTH!)

GiftHulk Store (CLICK HERE)

I know this post does not cover everything but this is what I have taught myself.  Hopefully you'll join GiftHulk Promo Code TE7308  .  I've earned a few amazon cards.  

If you have any question I'll do my best to answer them.  I am still learning GiftHulk myself.  I've been a member of GiftHulk for a year.  Don't forget there will be NEW changes to GiftHulk come May/ June 6th, 2013.  :D

Disclosure: I was NOT paid to promote GiftHulk.  All opinions are my own and these are actual photos of my account.  GiftHulk doesn't even know I am promoting them on my blog.  To read my full Disclosure/Privacy Policy Click Here.     

**Updated 6/6/13 at 2pm EST.
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