Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rite Aid 101: Sign Up and Watch Video Values

This is part two of the Rite Aid 101 series.  In this post I will be talking about signing up for Rite Aid Video Values.

1.)  You must have a Wellness + Card. FREE (Read Rite Aid 101 post.)

2.)  You will need to set up an online Wellness + account. *FREE*

3.)  Then Sign-In your Wellness + account.

4.)  Be sure to write down your log-in information you will need it to watch video values in the future.  :)

Then you should see this: (Photo Below)

After you click on Video values you should see this screen.

Click HERE!

Then you can choose which category you would like to watch.

The photo below shows Back to school videos.

Next click to watch FULL VIDEO!  This video will need your full attention if you click out of the video it will stop playing. 

Then when video plays you will need to enter captcha. (Photo Below.)

All Offers for the month of July. - Link HERE

Then when you are finished and want to print click on "All Rewards"  Photo Below

Check Mark the offer you want.  At the very bottom it has a red "Print Coupon(s)" in the middle.

These coupons will print with your name on them.  You can print up to SIX coupons per sheet of paper.  I am only showing you four.  The last thing you have to do is click the red "Print" button in the Right hand corner.  

That's It!  

Last but not least: You CAN use Rite Aid Video Values coupons WITH Internet Printable Manufacture Coupons.  


You can use Rite Aid Video Values coupons WITH Manufacture Newspaper Coupons.

This is called "Stacking Coupons."  You are using a Store coupon and a Manufacture coupon together.

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