Sunday, December 5, 2010

CVS vs Walgreens (Wags)

Have you ever wonder what is the difference between CVS and Wags?

 Well I am here to tell you just a little bit about the good the bad and the ugly of both stores.  I happen to like both stores!  You have to have a CVS CARD to shop there!

It's free and very easy to sign up! The good about CVS is they have something called ECBs = Extra Care Bucks.  This is store money!!  For example: Coke 12oz cans 12 pack is on sale this week for 3/$10 and if you purchase 3 coke products you get a $3.00 ECB.  So that's like paying 3 for $7.00 which I consider a good deal!  You have to read the fine print under the ad for example the coke products has 1 limit offer!  And it's a 3 day sale.  Sunday, Monday & Tuesday!  After that prices are regular retail!

The following links are clickable! 
CVS coupon $3.00/$15.00  (PRINTABLE FROM YOUR INTERNET!)
Printable CVS Coupon $4/$20
Printable CVS Coupon$5/$30
All of these expire on WEDNESDAY, DEC. 08, 2010

You can go to I heart CVS for "printable" coupons in her database that's where I got those links posted above.  :)

When you go to CVS don't forget to scan you card at the kiosk machine!

You can scan your card at least twice while in the store!! (just incase you're are waiting on your prescription to be filled.)

What I don't like about both stores in my area is that they are always sold out of the products that I want to purchase!  Therefore I have to get a rain check and half of the time my coupon will expire that day!  Which is very inconvenient for me! When you live 45 min to 1hour away!

Wags.  You don't have to have a card to shop at WAGS! They have something called RR- Registry Rewards since it's December you will go by RR- to be known as Jingle Cash.  AKA store money! The good thing about WAGS is they have coupons books that are FREE and they are Walgreens coupons!!!   You can match up the coupon books with their ad.  I love that you can use Manufactures Coupons with Wag coupons and to me that's saving double.  [You can also use Manufactures Coupons with CVS coupons.]  :) Something kind of cheap this week at Wags is one dozen Grade A LG Eggs are only 99cents!  On the front of their ad is an advertisement for every $25 purchase you spend you'll earn $5.00 in RR aka right now it's referred to as Jingle Cash!  

Here's a picture of RR/Jingle Cash

If you don't want to get your eggs at Wags you can always take you sales ad to Wal-Mart and they will happily match competitors ads!

I am sorry if there are typos and grammatical errors I have been sick and really haven't felt like typing this up but I knew it would Bless others so here ya go.

More coming soon.  I am sure  I have left something out I just realized I could insert photos and I think that would help you tremendously!

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