Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got something a little unexpected... but then again it couldn't come at a better time.

Good Evening All,

My life is very much chaos right now.  Too much stress and being sick on top of that isn't helping.  With that being said...  Today I am getting ready for work when I hear the mail lady.  I quickly run to the mailbox all bundled up with yes 2 jackets, 2 hoods, and 2 gloves.  I am running back up the driveway I mean literally because I was cold and it was past time for me to be pulling out of my yard for work.  Well when I was shuffling through the mail I saw something with my name on it and wonder who's this from?!?! Well before I could open the door I just had to open the envelope and it was a check for a big $20.00.  You might not say $20.00 is a lot well it is to me consider my last pay check was in the ......................

I am sure you're scratching your head asking well what did she do to get this????  A while back DeVry University emailed and wanted to know if I would participate in their online research survey team.  I thought for a minute do I have time for this?  Will I get paid?  So I looked into a little further and I finally decide hey I take other online surveys why not this one?  So one Friday night I had exactly 1 hour before I would be calling it a night and logging off.  I TOOK THE SURVEY and YES IT WAS EXACTLY ONE HOUR!!!  When I went back and reread the email they sent me; NO! I didn't see that I would get paid $20.00 until I went back an reread that email for the 2nd time.  I am sure glad I participated in that survey because I am now $20.00 richer than I was. 

A picture coming soon.  I don't have time today to upload one but when I do I will. :) 

Good Night,

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