Monday, January 10, 2011

Did you watch Extreme Couponing?

I don't know how many of you guys watched TLC's program called Extreme Couponing?  I have to be honest I watched it TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The first time I watched it someone was so excited they had diarrhea of the mouth and wouldn't shut up for nothing.  The second time I tried to watch it was the same scenario diarrhea of the mouth for the first thirty minutes.  I just can't understand why people go that "extreme" to me it's not really worth it.  You don't need 250 of one kind of pasta when you already have enough to last you 30 years and you have no room to store it!  The only reason you may purchase that much maybe to help feed the hungry?!?!  

Remember the goal is to save 50% or more of your grocery bill.  You may not have one coupon for every item in your shopping cart THAT'S OKAY!!  I know watching the Extreme Couponing program that aired on Dec. 29, 2010 @ 8pm EST time and again on Jan. 4th @10pm EST time.  That's where I tried to clip, sort, and file coupons in a binder.  I really understand why people don't bother to do that.  1. Nathan Engles (sp) was 100% right you'll clip and cut so much until you get blisters on your hands.  2.  You have to have at LEAST a 3" Binder to hold all of your coupons.  3.  It's just time I don't really have to put into a binder.  So you'll have to decide which system is better for you!   

Another point I would like to get across is all of them mentioned something about Coupon Clipping Services.  Well I don't use them and never have.  I'm not going to say I never will.  A coupon clipping service is a service where you purchase coupons for there handling fee some range from .05 cents to $1.00 sometimes.  I've personally never seen a $1.00 handling fee (that's what you pay to get them to send the coupon to your address.) I will say this is the only service that I haven't used.  I usually purchase my Atlanta Journal and Constitution Sunday preview paper on Saturday.  They have the same coupons in them and I don't have to make a second trip out of town to purchase a $2.14 newspaper on Sunday.  If you are coupon desperate I've learned that you can go to Kroger and purchase a double Gainesville Times paper only on Sunday for $1.50.  They have coupon inserts in there but not necessarily as great as AJC! 

For you guys that didn't get to watch the Extreme Couponing here's a little summary of where, what, and how it all went down.  Too bad you have to read it. 
* I think when you read the summary you'll get the Extreme part message.*

Remember selling your coupons are illegal!!  And those who sell them on ebay; buyer beware don't purchase them.  

Now lets talk about Coupon Clipping Service.  Where is the best on to purchase my coupons from?  Well I don't know to tell you the truth but I will recommend this website because I read about them and they sound like very nice, Christian like people, I think they do what is right. 

Those are the only two that I am recommending for now.  IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PURCHASE YOUR NEWSPAPER THIS IS THE WAY TO GO.  I wonder how much you can get for $2.14 on a coupon clipper website?  I don't personally think as much but I suggest only purchase what you will use.  There isn't a need of ordering 100 coupons for something you don't eat, drink, or even unwilling to try.  

Hope you enjoyed this type up.

Coupons Are True Blessings Blog Team 

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