Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ever Heard Of Kelly Morris?

Well let me introduce her to you.   Kelly Morris is a wife and mother to 9 children, 6 biological and 3 adopted, living in small town Ohio.  WOW that's a lot of children and mouths to feed.  Okay let me introduce her "FREE" e-book.  It's doesn't cost anything to download and it has really great tips.  It's only 50 pages so not that long and there are lots of tips to help you, especially if you are a beginner in couponing.  I am thinking about printing this book where I want hurt my eyes squinting at the computer trying to read it.  

For the first 10 pages that I skimmed through you'll love it!  I have done a lot of things she is telling you especially writing a "c" by what you have a coupon for.  : )  I have never heard of this book.  I just used my brain and thought of some tips she shares with us before she wrote this book.  WOW!  Amazing!!

Coupons Are True Blessings
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