Sunday, January 16, 2011


I just thought I would share with you a site that I love, called Ebates.  I signed up back in Aug. 2010 and just for signing up I got a $5.00 bonus.  I wasn't aware you could purchase something online and get paid.  When I got the e-mail about Ebates I was like oh it's fake or some sort of catch.  It's not.  I recently purchased a new printer and the ink lasted 3 months and I was out.  So I ordered ink from but first I made my account and they can trace when you log-on to another sight.  It not to track you!  It's to track if you make a purchase you'll see something called a ticket number and code and other items appear on your screen.  IT'S OKAY, Don't PANIC!  

Here's my story of Ebates.  Like I have already stated I registered in August 2010, I got a $5.00 bonus just for signing up.  I needed ink and I purchased some ink from but Ebates doesn't allow to count.  I spent about $80.00 for ink that would last for 3 months and of course when I got it the ink was damaged.  I had to send it back for another order.  Sooo... After having that bad experience I had to find something cheaper.  So I saw something while on Ebates called (THEY AREN'T NAME BRAND! But they do have name brand ink if you choose to go that route.)  I saw a 12 pack of ink onsale for $58.99. My printer has two sections for black, and three different sections for color.  Yellow, Blue, Pink and two black it's a total of 5 ink jets/ cartridges  .  I went ahead and ordered two 12 packs for a grand total $106.18.  That's 24 ink jets each one cost about $4.42 per cartridge then I received a $25.00 check in the mail.  So you subtract the check from $106.18- $25.00= $81.18 Then divided that by 24 and that's the grand total I paid for ink and that's $3.38 when I go to Wal-Mart for the name brand it's like $12.99 for just ONE!  I saved a lot by not going to Wal-Mart and office stores.  So if you want the mathematical calculations $311.76 if I purchased the ink at Wal-Mart.  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I saved like 70% by purchasing it from and through Ebates.  

If you don't want to save more than don't sign up for Ebates.  The choice is always yours.  I highly recommend signing yourself up.  It's Free!  And you get additional cash when the pay out time comes.  It's usually quarterly so your pay out will be as soon as possible, just be patient and your check will finally arrive.
Coupons Are True Blessings
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