Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rite Aid 01.01.11 purchase.

I would like to share with you my Rite Aid 01.01.11 purchase.  I know it's very late but it's exciting! So there was post cereal on sale for $2.50 or 2/$5.00.  Regular price $4.99 each.  WOW sale price is 2/ $5.00 you pay 1 cent more to purchase two boxes instead of one.  Why NOT right?  Yes.  It was an unadvertised deal.  Purchase 2 boxes and get $2.00 up rewards with your cereal.  

So with that being said here's my scenario that I done.  

Transaction 1:
Purchase 2 boxes of Cocoa Pebbles and use two 75 Cent coupons.  I had some UpRewards that were going to expire soon so I used $1.00 and a $2.00  so that's $4.50 worth of Manufacture coupons and UpRewards.  My subtotal was 50 CENTS!  I got two boxes of cereal remember $4.99 regular price on sale 2/$5.00 and walked out of Rite Aid with 2 boxes of cereal for .65 CENTS.  For those who don't believe me here's the photo of Transaction 1.  Remember I got $2.00 UpRewards after paying .65 they paid me $3.35 to take those boxes of cereal off of the shelf. 

Subtotal .50 CENTS

Here's Transaction 2:
1 Fruity Pebbles and 1 Cocoa Use the 2- $2.00 UpRewards and 1 Manufacture coupon of 75 cents.  Subtotal .25 Total for both boxes .40 cents and I got 2 more $2.00 UpRewards. 
Here' my receipt to prove this transaction also.

Subtotal .25 CENTS!
As you can see my Wellness+ savings = $4.98 + Total Coupon Savings $4.75 = $9.73!  I say that's a WOW!!!

Here are both receipts 4 boxes of cereal for a Grand Total of $1.05 and they paid me $8.00 in UpRewards.  UpRewards aren't shown on this one just because I "ROLLED" them meaning I paid for one purchase and use them to purchase my 2nd transaction.

In the near future I will do an article on how to
"ROLL" your UpRewards (Rite Aid) - 
"ROLL" - Extra Bucks (CVS) - 
"ROLL" Register Rewards (Wags)-

It's the easiest thing to do!  It's hard only if you make it hard. That's all for this post but more posts are coming today.   

Coupons Are True Blessings 


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