Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What do you with your receipts? - Coupon Holder

After you check out what do you with your receipt?  

Let me guess the trash, recycle bin, or shredder gets it?

Well let me be the first to tell you.  SAVE THEM! DO NOT I REPEAT DON'T LET THE SHREDDER EAT THEM!

I haven't started saving my receipts until April 2010.  Let me say I'm glad I did!  I've got I don't know how many rebates or rebate coupon books by mail. :)  

How do you organize your receipts?  I organize my by store.  Where ever I shop I have a coupon binder (known as a check holder, found in your local school supply section.)  

The front of it. 

I purchased this at our local Wal-Mart with my birthday money.  I made sure to purchase the one that said "heavy duty," sure it cost more but when you drop it a thousand times you'll need the heavy duty one.  As you can also see mine isn't labeled?  Why Not?  I chose not to label this one due to I might reuse it latter on.  But I always use this one according to my coupon binder/holder. :)

Here's my coupon holder.

 Yes they are the same color and same style since purple is my favorite color. 

Here's the inside of my coupon holder.

 It does seem to get messy at times.  :|  But no need to worry it can be fixed in .5 seconds.  

Please be aware I don't shop at all of these stores any longer due to gas prices rising.  I shop at like 6 or 7 not all that's currently listed.  

Coupons Are True Blessing Blog Team 

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