Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Curiosity Killed The Cat Darn...

I got the bright idea yesterday to tackle something way too challenging but on and off I have been working on figuring out how much I have saved in the year 2011.  Well I have only gotten through one store.  When you have about 30 transactions in one month lets just say we'll be here a while.  :) 

Rite Aid

Month of January
Total OOP (out of pocket) $34.18 
Total Savings $267.10
Without savings and coupons I would have spent $301.28  and I only paid $34.18 that's a 87% savings.

Okay I hope you're still with me.  I don't know but if you purchased $100.00 worth of these items on a list you got a $20.00 +UpReward.  Well I did that for the month of January so I subtract $20.00 from OOP.  $34.18-$20.00 = $14.18
Total Savings 267.10 
With the +UpReward subtracted the percentage saved is even greater!  So I saved 95% 
*This doesn't count the +Up received from purchasing products.  So savings are probably greater than I actually know! Or Mail-in-Rebates!  Same goes for Feb. and March!

On to February...
Total OOP $33.33
Total Savings $346.65
Percentage Saved for the month of February 91%

Well did you know they had that scenario again if you purchase $100.00 of items listed on this page you receive a $20.00 +Up Reward so I am going to subtract that from OOP agian.

Total OOP $33.33- $20.00=$13.33
Total Savings $346.65
Percentage Saved 96%  

WOW!  on to March so far...
OOP $ 9.5
Savings $101.27 
Percentage Saved 92%

YTD OOP $37.01
YTD Savings $625.02
YTD % Saved 95% 
If I didn't have any coupons or wellness savings I would have paid $662.03

I say that's amazing!  Does it get you thinking about your finances?  I hope so.  That's could be no, no, that is a car payment plus.  I would like for you to think just a minute on why am I spending that much at the grocery store?  There is no sense in going to your local grocer and spending $25 for a pack of towels or toilet paper. You shouldn't pay no more than $3.00 for a pack of towels and toilet paper.  That's a topic for another day.  What are you saving?  Think about that this week and ask yourself what can I do to change my spending habits?

Coupons Are True Blessings

P.S. keep your eyes out for a new tab "Coupons Here" coming in the future.  :)
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