Monday, March 7, 2011

Does Gas Prices Have You Worried?

I was just wondering if gas prices have you worried?  I know it costs me as much as $50.00 plus to fill up.  When I first  got my car and $20.00 would fill it up to "F" NOT "E" !  So my answer is Yes, gas prices worry me a lot.  I think the U.S. needs to stop depending on foreign oil and WE need to make our on!  I saw on MSN yesterday when I got home from church oil prices as much as $10.50 in Alaska?!?  What is the world coming too?  I know that there is definitely price gouging going on some where.  I have always said they should make a car on water and ground up leaves.  You might chuckle but when fall comes around we always have those pesky leaves that are unwanted.  I am wondering if gas is going to hit $5.00 are there going to such a thing as a "coupon?"

You probably wonder why I say that?  I don't know it's just a statement.  Wouldn't it make sense if gas cost that much why not do away with coupons?  That would mean no more freebies, and no more pay sales tax.  I am hoping and praying that will not ever happen.  We just don't ever know.   

P.S.  Curiosity Killed the cat but will it kill you? I am working on something challenging to share with you later today or in the morning depends when I can get it all typed up.  I like it thus far will you?

Coupons Are True Blessings
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