Sunday, March 13, 2011

I know it's late (Last Weeks Shopping Trip) 03.12.11

I didn't have the adequate time to type up everything I would like but here goes the highlights.

First Stop is Always Rite Aid!  (No picture)
Rite Aid in my area is not meeting the demand at all and I walked out of Rite Aid with a total of 4 rainchecks.  They didn't have the items I wanted in stock or they only had one one the shelf when I wanted 10.

I am posting the picture of everything we got for FREE on 03.12.11 Shopping Trip!

(4) Finesse Products
(2) Rite Aid Beauty Bags
(1) Reese's Pieces
(1) Almond Joy Pieces
(1) Snickers
(2) Loreal Make Up
(2) Keri  Lotion
(1) Comtrex
(5) Purex Washing Powders
(3) Ajax
(1) AJC
(1) Venus 
(1) Always Dry-liners 
Grand Total: 24!

As you can see I am sure you are wanting to know what's in the bags?  Well went to Rite Aid #2 and they were having another Grand Opening Sale and we got these free goody bags.  

Here's what was inside:

(1) Kiss Everlasting French (fake nails)
(1) Garnier Fructis Shampoo Sample
(1) Carefree Liners
(1) Loreal Studio Secrets
(1) Stayfree with coupons (1.00/1)
(1) Schick Extreme 3 Razor
(1) Scratch off bonus ticket (had a chance to win $75.00 gift card.  As you can see mine was $5.00 off instead.)
(1) Rite Aid "Free" program booklet
(1) Buy and try till you fall in love.  (Beauty back Guarantee paper)
(1) Packet of Rite Aid Coupons

Coupons Are True Blessings
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