Saturday, March 12, 2011


After sitting down for about an hour.  I finally came up with all the totals and percentages today. :D

For ALL stores we went to, which were:
1. Rite Aid (2 different stores) [Rain Checks]
2. CVS - No purchases [Rain Checks]
3. Wal-Mart {Have been needing Rain Checks but nope as far as I know they don't offer them :(}
4. Publix [Rain Checks]
5. Walgreens
6. Ingles
7. Kroger [Rain Checks]

Grocery Weekly Budget $65.00 to feed a family of 4 adults.
Without coupons and savings would have cost $190.77 
I was able to get everything for $67.39 (Not too bad over!) 
Overall Savings 65%
Not that great like the 80% but remember when couponing you need to save at least 50% is your goal.  Then it gradually increases over time.

Just about in every store we went to we had to get Rain Checks grrr.  It's very frustrating that they don't order enough to meet the demand of couponers at all!! And they thinking limiting one per household will solve all problems.  Yeah Right.  I wonder how many people will say they forgot there card and get a new one or go to 300 different stores and have 300 rite aid cards/cvs etc. to get savings?  
**Beware at Walgreens in Gainesville they are going by pictures not wording and if the coupon says $1.00 off of two any Ajax products and it states one key word [ANY] then you should be able to stand there and argue with them and let them know that you don't go by picture you go by wording of the coupons!!  

Looking for a coupon clipping service?
* Here's a pretty good site I found where you can purchase [handling fee] 15 coupons in one whack for as low as $1.00 that's $0.66666666667 cents a coupon. (This was found in Health and Beauty) I just clicked on food and you can purchase [handling fee] 15 for $0.45.   You're paying the handling fee so it shouldn't ever be more than $0.25 if you notice one higher don't fall for it they are probably trying to sell it instead of charging the handling fee.

Coupons Are True Blessings 
P.S. (Pictures for free items will be posted tomorrow) :)  + Rite Aid best deals for the week of 03.12.11

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