Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shoppin Trip 03.26.11

Good Afternoon,

Yesterday, it was stormy and of course we went shopping because we had too!  Got home around 5pm took pictures of Transactions, Receipts, UpRewards etc.  Just cooked dinner sat down and ate and at 7:30ish 8:00 the power is out.  The power was out for like three hours.  No computer, No Internet, Table covered with coupons because I have been working on a few match ups.  Thanks to a kerosene lamp my head is going to explode but at least we had light.  But I am running way behind!  I will get yesterdays shopping trip typed and that might be it for today.  

Okay 1st stop Rite Aid as usual 
I was able to get $65.53 worth of products for $4.47 and received a +UpReward. :D  So $3.47!  Saved 95%.  Let me go on and say this.  If you get a rain check at Rite Aid for lets say Dixie Plates, the wellness + Savings IS NOT included on your receipt for some reason so I had to do that by hand and it's more than what the picture states!!!

Only 1 Transaction: 
Rain Check for the following:
(3) Dixie Plates  (Saved $2.02 x 3 = $6.06)
(3) Colgate (Saved $3.00 x 3 = $9.00) 
(2) M&Ms 
(4) Nutra Nail Polish (100% FREE)
(2) Old Spice Deodorants
Total 14 Items for $3. 47 or $0.25 per item ;D

 Wellness Savings on here says $16.92. However, I included the rainchecks and came up with $31.98 :D


Let me say Wags was almost a bust.  We always have a extremely hard time with coupons and RR not scanning.  However, the manager came to our rescue and our shopping trip turned out liked planned. :)

(4) Puresilk
(1) Trial Size Dial
(1) Venus Pro- Skin
(1) Kettle Chips for (Zachy) 
Total OOP: $0.97 and received $4.00 RR :D 
Percentage Saved 96%


Raincheck also!  Consisted of 8 boxes of Raisin Medley Honey Bunches of Oats B1G1F @ $3.05.  My Publix charges 1/2 price so you don't have to purchase 2 so we got 4 boxes for $1.53 and 4 boxes for $1.52 We had save $1.00/1 M.F. Coupon so we got 4 boxes of cereal for $0.52 and 4 boxes for $0.53

Publix and Coupon Savings $20.20 
OOP $5.62
Percentage saved 78%

The Savings at Publix says $8.00 but that's coupon savings.  Remember 1 box of cereal costs $3.05 without a raincheck!  

* We shopped at CVS, Kroger, and Ingles- I didn't picture these for this shopping trip.  Maybe next time.  I shared the best deals we did this week.  Stay tuned for type ups please.

Coupons Are True Blessings
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