Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swagbucks Swagcode Extravaganza - 09.19.12

Photo Credit - Swagbucks

Today is a Mega Swagbucks Swagcode Extravaganza.  This Extravaganza began at 7am EST and will run throughout the day.  If you get all the swagcodes you will earn 60 swagbucks. 

 ***Be sure to check this post throughout the day.   I will try my best to update when I find the next code. ;-) ***    

You can find these codes at the following places:

1.) Swagbucks Blog

2.) Swagbucks Twitter Page

3.) Swagbucks Facebook Page

4.) Swagstore

5.) Swagbucks Home Page 

6.) Swagbucks Swidget -  (Located at the bottom of the blog, or on the left hand side.)

- Swidget on our FB page (Click HERE)

7.) Swagbucks Chat Bar (Photo Below)

8.)  Swagbucks TV - Usually Toolbar

9.)  And More - (I hope I didn't leave anything out.)  

-There will NEVER be a swagcode in all of the places listed above at once.  These are places to start looking.  :-) 

Search & Win

If you are interesting in joining Swagbucks CLICK HERE!

**Swagcode Alert #1 (09.19.12) - Hint: A little Birdy.   Worth 6 bucks.  {Code Expires at 10 am EST.} - EXPIRED

**Swagcode Alert #2 (09.19.12) - Hint: Treasure Map on the blog. Worth 8 bucks. {Code Expires at 1:30 pm EST.}  - EXPIRED

**Swagcode Alert #3 (09.19.12) - Hint: Book of Face has your code.   Worth 7  bucks.  {Code Expires at 3 pm EST.}  - EXPIRED

**Swagcode Alert #4 (09.19.12) - Hint: Check their blog.  Worth 9 bucks. {Code Expires at 4 pm EST.} 

**Swagcode Alert #5 (09.19.12) - Hint: Check the home page.   Worth 8 bucks.  {Code Expires at 5  pm EST.}  

**Swagcode Alert #6 (09.19.12) -Hint: Search the swagstore.   Worth 15 bucks.  {Code Expires at  7 pm  EST.} - 

**Swagcode Alert #7 (09.19.12) - Hint: Check the book of face.   Worth 7  bucks {Code Expires at 9  pm  EST.} 


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