Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Swagbucks Swagcode Extravaganza TOMORROW - 09/19

Photo Credit - Swagbucks

Tomorrow, September 19th, 2012, is a Mega Swagbucks Swagcode Extravaganza.  This Extravaganza begins in the morning, the time has not been released.  If you get all the swagcodes you will earn 60 swagbucks.    

Search & Win

You can find these codes at the following places:

1.) Swagbucks Blog

2.) Swagbucks Twitter Page

3.) Swagbucks Facebook Page

4.) Swagstore

5.) Swagbucks Home Page 

6.) Swagbucks Swidget (Located at the bottom of the blog, or on the left hand side.

- Swidget on our FB page (Click HERE)

7.) Swagbucks Chat Bar (Photo Below)

8.)  Swagbucks TV - Usually Toolbar

9.)  And More - (I hope I didn't leave anything out.)

-There will NEVER be a swagcode in all of the places listed above at once.  These are places to start looking.  :-) 

If you are interesting in joining Swagbucks CLICK HERE!

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