Saturday, June 4, 2011

CVS vs Rite Aid

I am currently working on Rite Aid's ad match ups.  Here's my Opinion, Rite Aid sale items are not that great.  This week I like CVS, because their prices are cheaper than Rite Aid's.  Here's a sample of what I found.  

 I have to admit I cut off the Rite Aid Bathroom Tissue 12pk.

Do you see what I mean about the price difference?  
CVS - 12ct Basic or 9ct Ultra Strong for $5.49
RA - has 12ct tissue for $6.97 
Difference of $1.48! 
Not counting your coupons.

You have to be careful when shopping for Toilet paper or Bounty towels!  If you have time a price book would come real handy.  To at least have an original price jotted down for Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid. Or the stores you shop at locally.


So how much am I supposed to be paying for Toilet Paper and Paper Towels?  If you keep reading below is an example/scenario.

 This is how I figure out if the toilet paper is worth my money.  I look at the following:

1.) What Brand ?

2.) What is the price? *ONSALE ONLY

3.) Then I look for the SQ FT amount. 

4.) I also look at to see if I have a $1.00 Valued Coupon etc.  (I usually will NOT purchase Toilet paper or Paper Towels WITHOUT A COUPON VALUED AT LEAST $1.00)

5.) Then I look to see if I get an ECB-CVS, RR-Wags, +Up-Rite Aid etc. (Store Money, I call it.)

Here's The Scenario: 
A while back CVS had their Charmin Basic 12=24 for $4.99 receive a $1.00 ECB.  Here's a Photo so I will NOT lose you. *Don't let the 12=24 fool you either.
Here Are The Answers To The Above Questions:
1.) Charmin - is the brand

2.) Price $4.99

3.) The SQ FT is 438.3 so I MOVE THE DECIMAL TO THE LEFT TWICE.  I shouldn't pay anymore than $4.38! 

4.) So I see I found my $1.00/1 MF Coupon. I will now subtract my $1.00 coupon off of the sale price which is $4.99-$1.00 MF COUPON = $3.99

5.) On this particular sale I DO GET $1.00 ECB, so I will only pay $2.99 for 12 rolls of toilet paper.  Not FREE but definitely cheaper than $7.99 Wal-Mart price! 

So next time you get your local newspaper with all of those sale ads. I suggest you look at prices if you are penny pinching. Make a list of what you would like Wal-Mart to price comp, and don't forget your coupons.    

Tanesha - @ Coupons Are True Blessings

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