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I would like to talk about a few tips for beginner couponers that are just starting couponing.  I have always recommended Coupon Mom but now I recommend Southern Savers. Southern Savers is much easier to follow for beginners.  Coupon Mom can be confusing or misleading. 

Which one did I use when I first started Couponing?  Coupon Mom or Southern Savers?  I have to say I used Coupon Mom.  Though at the time I wasn't aware of Southern Savers.  You'll have to decide which one you like best.

Coupon Mom (Click Here)

Southern Savers (Click Here)

I am sure if you clicked on Coupon Mom, the first thing you notice is advertisements.  Just ignore them.  I know they drive me crazy as much as they do you.  Before I go on you have to make an account with Coupon Mom it's FREE.  Don't worry I wouldn't tell you if it weren't so.  I have a Coupon Mom account.  Every time I want to click on deals by state etc. I have to log in and to me that's frustrating.  Where as Southern Savers you don't!  

I started couponing in 2007 - 2008.  (I was a Junior in High School.  So I had no income coming in...)  You can be dirt poor and still coupon!  Okay this is how I started.  Do you know all of those bills called junk mail you get that has extra envelopes in there?  I pulled those out and put those aside until I got about 30 envelopes.- (I am not saying you need that many envelopes!)  I organized my envelopes into categories- like Health and Beauty-- Inside Health & Beauty category I had razors, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush etc. Then I had a separate envelope for Dairy, Cereal, Laundry, etc.

You have to find which way works best for you.  I will say you have to have around $25-$100 to invest.  If you go the binder route later on like I have, it's time consuming and I find it very overwhelming for new couponers that are just starting to get into couponing.  I am not trying to discourage the binder route at all.  I think it's brilliant you can see your coupons in a binder whereas envelopes you can't.  But if you don't have the extra cash to invest I suggest go the envelopes trust me that's better than nothing.  

This was my first Coupon Binder .5" not big at all

Showing how full my coupon binder is. :D

So... with that being said you need to find what area has newspaper coupons that are high value!  I purchase only the AJC.  However, you can't find an AJC in some regions of North Georgia.  In my area I have to commute or subscribe by mail.  If that were the case and if I had to drive just an hour to purchase a newspaper I think I would subscribe to the newspaper via mail.  If you are like me and never read the newspaper and just trash it then I suggest subscribing to the Sunday only portion.  * If you have 4 people living in your household you might want to consider purchasing or subscribing to the newspaper 4 times.  That way if you get a high valued coupon for $1.00/1 Kettle chips and Kroger has them onsale for $1.00 a bag that means you would get 4 bags for sales taxes.* {If you have a family of five I suggest either subscribing to the Sunday paper 4 or 6 times just because if it's B1G1F at drug stores and you have to purchase two then you'll be 1 coupon short if you have 5.  If you follow me?}

If you want magazines to go along with coupon deals then purchase/subscribe to a magazine called All You.  Stand price is about $2.49 each.  You can usually get a year subscription for around $12.00 or $1.00 per issue.  Only certain times of the year though.  Right now they have issues $1.66 each in a 12 year subscription.  That's still cheaper than stand price!  Sometimes there are coupons in Country Living and Martha Stewart.  

How do I organize my coupon inserts I get in the newspaper?  I recommend a File Folder for SmartSource, Redplum, P&G (Proctor & Gamble), General Mills, etc.  It makes it easier on you in the long run.  You can purchase a tote with hanging folders at Wal-Mart to store these inserts in.  

I usually plan my shopping trips according to sales and the coupons I have.  If I don't have a coupon I don't purchase it, I do without.  Sometimes my life is so hectic I usually pass other people deals on to you.  (Yes I know and I understand very inconvenient when not in our area.)  It's a simple guide and I don't guarantee it!  I always recommend you looking at your local sales ad just in case I missed something or didn't type up what you need; but I typed up what I really needed for that week.  

You have to start somewhere!  Why not now?  1st goal is to save 50%.  Look for stores that double coupons everyday [Publix, Kroger in my area]/triples every now and then.  If you have a Publix near you that's a great store to start.  Yes, prices may overwhelm you thinking they are only for the rich people or snobs!  But you'll soon learn Publix is a place for everyone.  I love their B1G1F Sales.   Their B1G1F sales are usually their everyday price!  You need to know one thing about your Publix does your Publix make you buy two to get the B1G1F sale or does your Publix ring up 1/2 price? At my Publix you don't have to purchase both to get the steal of the deal!  For example, if it's B1G1F you divide the B1G1F by 2. Say were looking at Mayonnaise and it's B1G1F for $3.99 you're technically paying   $1.995. So $1.99 and $2.00 for one.  You can use two manufacture coupons along with the B1G1F sale!  If you have a Publix coupon to throw in there with your B1G1F sale, and manufacture coupons.  You can use all three!  As long as your total isn't negative you shouldn't worry.    
When shopping what do you carry your coupons in?  

Coupon Holder! 


You can find what I call my coupon holder at your local Wal-Mart for around $5 or more.  You can find these in the school supply section where the index cards are located.  I have my coupon holder organized by stores. That way when I go into the store(s) I already have my coupons cut and in the appropriate place.  I have seen others organized their coupon holder by their favorite store. Meaning they use coupon holder A for just Wal-Mart and inside they have the sections labeled by aisles or Food and non-food.  ETC.  

Remember you have to find what works best for you.

Where do I store my uncut inserts in? 


To Be Continued!
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